Shampoo Bars and Hard Water

Since the humble shampoo bar appeared commercially many years ago there has been a great deal of debate on their practicality for hair, and in particular their usefulness in hard water.

Anyone with hard water will tell you that their initial experiences of a shampoo bar were likely far from trouble-free!. This is because most people are drawn to the “traditional type” of shampoo bar, often referred to as the natural shampoo bar. Essentially, this is derived from soap. “SOAP”! I hear you cry, yes soap.

There isn’t anything wrong with that at all despite the images of carbolic soap in your hair, although technically the PH levels of a traditional shampoo bar can be a little “off” for hair, this can often be readjusted by using an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse after washing the hair. For some, the natural ingredients in these bars makes them die hard users and whilst some people sail through a potential transition period (if they experience it at all), for some it can often be a challenge getting used to these bars, this is particularly true for those with hard water and for many they relent back to bottled shampoo or move on to syndet shampoo bars.

Syndet Shampoo Bars, traditionally, were made of quite aggressive sulfates, namely SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). This ingredients is superb at cutting through the minerals and deposits in hard water and creates a similar experience to bottled shampoo for the user. However, SLS has been linked to all manner of health concerns, least of which is severe irritation for some users. Despite this, many people would continue to use these bars as they work well in hard water and meant they were still reducing their plastic bottle usage.

As more and more people became aware of the potential for health issues using these bars containing SLS, the need for an alternative became apparent. At TillyOak, we have never used SLS because of the health implications but knew there must be a much more natural ingredient available to combat the issues faced by those with hard water and the desire to stop using plastic bottles. We discovered two natural ingredients called Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA) and Sodium Cocoyl Isthionate (SCI). Both of these ingredients are derived from coconuts and other plant based crops and offer fantastic cleansing abilities and are extremely gentle on both the hair and the skin. These ingredients also work exceptionally well in hard water.

With that, we set about creating our first few Natural Syndet Shampoo Bars which have been received very well indeed by our customers. We now have an extensive range of syndet shampoo bars which contains organic oils and butters such as Avocado, Cocoa, Mango & Shea Butter through to Hazelnut, Jojoba, Passion Flower & Primrose Oil.

Our hard water sufferers are extremely happy with the results from our syndet bars which now offer a true choice of a natural syndet shampoo bar, without the plastic bottle and contained in recycled wrapping paper.

See our complete range of Traditional Shampoo Bars or go straight to our Syndet Shampoo Bars.

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