If you come across a product on our site that you want to return to later, you can simply add it to your “wish list”. You can access the wish list at this page: https://tillyoak.co.uk/wish-list/

You don’t have to be a registered user to have a wish list, but if you clear your browser settings then you will loose this info, registered users who are logged in and add products to their wish list will have them stored indefinitely.

Here’s how to add a product to your wish list.

On the product page, scroll down to just underneath the PayPal button and you will see “Add to wishlist”, click on it.

Now the link will change to “Product added! Browse wishlist”, go ahead and click on “Browse wishlist”.

Your chosen products are now in your wishlist, you can access them at any point, add them straight to the cart, or simply remove them if you no longer require them in the wishlist.