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Our Foam Free Natural Shaving Cream offers an uncompromising shave for all area’s and all skin types, even the most sensitive of skin or area’s!.   Our shaving cream can be used with both open and closed/safety razors suiting both the casual and professional shaver and won’t clog!.

Now available with Patchouli Essential Oil.

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Our Foam Free Natural Shaving Cream comprises only the best and natural ingredients which we have become renowned for, like Shea ButterOrganic Coconut Oil and Castor Oil, along with a blend of Castile liquid soap and Aloe Vera Gel, all natural and all good.

When it comes to shaving, many of us dread that sting or burn, but using our Foam Free Natural Shaving Cream you can say goodbye to those after-effects and say hello to a chemical freeluxurious shaving experience.

We have a 50g sample tin available or go for our outstanding value 250g PET recycled/recyclable plastic squeeze bottles, which can be recycled much easier than other plastics, just pop it in with your usual plastic waste and your recycling centre will thank you.

Made from the usual natural, plant based and highly nourishing ingredients, our Foam Free Natural Shaving Cream glides onto the skin and comes off effortlessly with your favourite razor, offering ultimate protection for your skin as you go and moisturising it once finished!.

Suitable for all skin types, particularly those with sensitive skin, our shaving cream also contains a blend of Castile liquid soap which adds to the slip qualities and Aloe Vera Gel to make sure even the most rough and quickest of shavers have a soothing experience.   Our natural shaving cream goes even further by being suitable for both the professional open razor user as well as the closed/safety razor home user.

Using our Shaving Cream
Simply wet the area to shave thoroughly with warm water then dispense a liberal amount of the cream onto your hand and rub into the area to shave.   The cream doesn’t have to be worked into the skin, you are only applying the shaving cream to the skin, not trying to work it in.   Shave as you would normally and rinse afterwards.   If you normally like to shave twice you do not necessarily have to apply more of our shaving cream, but do make sure there is still enough slip on the shaven area to allow a comfortable shave otherwise apply more of the cream to be certain you won’t scrape your skin.

Remember also, this is a cream and will act as such when you apply it, therefore apply a little to begin with to avoid any excess falling from the area to be shaved, apply more as you get comfortable applying the cream.

Please also note that due to shipping the contents of these tins are likely to shift, to settle the contents simply tap the tin on a hard surface a few times which will re-settle the contents.

Aqua (distilled water), Castile Liquid Soap, Shea Butter, BTMS (from Colza Oil), Organic Coconut Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Castor Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Plantserve E (natural preservative), Essential Oil (if selected).

3 reviews for Foam Free Natural Shaving Cream

  1. Bryan H

    I’ve tried a lot of different foams and creams over the years and this one is bar far one of the better ones, does exactly what it’s meant to do and does it really well. My only gripe is with the bottle dispenser (hence the four stars), it would be a lot easier to use if it had a wider nozzle as it can be a little difficult getting the cream out of the bottle but it still wouldn’t stop me buying it again but it would be 5 stars from me with a better dispenser top 🙂

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  2. Davie

    Very good product, was using gel for many years without any issues but then began developing a little intolerance for it, so moved onto another “natural” product which didn’t work very well and finally tried Tillyoak’s and works wonderfully, takes alittle bit of getting used to cause it is a cream that you just smear over your face (would recommend rubbing it between your hands first then apply to face) but the shave is incredible, nice and close, no razor clog and rinses off to leave silky smooth skin, sweet orange smells fab too A++++

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  3. John H

    Superb product, does exactly what it says on the tin lol, went ahead and bought the bigger version and savings are great, won’t ever use shaving gel or foam again and leaves the skin feeling super moisturised

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