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Our Hazelnut Oil Conditioner Bar is choked full of fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins, which nourishes your hair and scalp, resulting in healthy, manageable and conditioned hair.

Helps with: All hair types, oily hair, dandruff
Suitable for: Hard & Soft Water

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Our Hazelnut Oil Conditioner Bar is also great for hair growth and can not only stimulate hair follicles but can also help alleviate a dry scalp.  Containing high levels of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants, this is a highly rejuvenating oil that has a wondrous effect on our hair and skin!.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil helping to soothe irritated scalps, help alleviate dandruff, and adds lots of Vitamin C to the hair, aiding growth where needed.

This listing is for one conditioner bar at approximately 80g and is wrapped in 100% recyclable paper.

See our quick start guide for using our shampoo and conditioner bars.

BTMS (from Colza Oil), Hazelnut Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Organic Coconut Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

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  1. Joanna Pritchard

    Great addition to a great line of products here, used the Shea Butter syndet bar with this conditioner bar and the effects are amazing, soft, shiny and thoroughly conditioned, certainly found the products I was looking for after a LONG time searching!

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