Our Hemp Oil Syndet Shampoo Bar is strengthening and stimulating for hair growth and can maintain moisture levels in the hair, providing the ideal foundation for healthy hair to grow and flourish and contains the aromatic, and very earthy Patchouli & Neroli Essential Oils, creating a somewhat sweet, honeyed and deep fragrance.

Helps with: All hair types, moisturising, strengthening, breakage
Suitable for: Hard & Soft Water


Our Hemp Oil Syndet Shampoo Bar is not only moisturising, but it is strengthening and stimulating for hair growth.   Maintaining a healthy scalp is key to allowing hair to grow, replenish and flourish and this bar provides the foundation of a healthy, clean and antibacterial wash!.

This bar is blended with the beautifully aromatic Neroli & Patchouli Essential Oils, to create a slightly sweet, honeyed and earthy aroma, if we do say so ourselves it knocked us for six!.

This listing is for one shampoo bar at approximately 80g and is wrapped in 100% recyclable paper.

See our quick start guide for using our shampoo and conditioner bars.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate Powder (SCI – coconut derived cleanser/lather), Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA – coconut derived cleanser/lather), Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Incroquat/BTMS (from Colza Oil), Hazelnut Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Patchouli & Neroli Essential Oil.


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