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Jojoba Oil is right up there with Argan Oil as the Holy Grail of hair care, offering superior moisturising properties and including vitamins C, B & E along with minerals like Copper and Zinc!.

Our Jojoba Oil Conditioner Bar will leave your hair thoroughly cleansed, healthy and conditioned beautifully and can also strengthen hair and aid the prevention of hair loss.

This bar can help: Dry Hair, dandruff, damaged hair
This bar works best with: Hard & Soft Water

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Jojoba Oil contains vitamins B and E, and minerals such as copper and zinc which moisturises your hair and scalp whilst Organic Coconut Oil is renowned for its benefits on hair, making it softer, silkier and shinier and is the ultimate hair conditioner.

 Ylang Ylang Essential Oil can stimulate hair growth, and is a well known treatment for thinning hair!.   Ylang Ylang is also widely accepted to be a fantastic mood lifter and contains antibacterial properties keeping the hair and scalp healthy, whilst providing natural conditioning properties.

This listing is for one bar at approximately 80g and is wrapped in 100% recyclable paper.

Save money – our bars can generally last longer than bottled shampoos/conditioners
Convenient, caring and nourishing, not to mention plant based and ideal for the bath, shower or to take with you on holiday.
Vegan Friendly – our bars do not contain any ingredients derived from animals and none of the ingredients have been tested on animals.

After use, please allow the bar to dry in a draining dish or other suitable area where it won’t be exposed to sitting water.

BTMS (from Colza Oil), Jojoba Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Organic Coconut Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Using Our Conditioner Bars
Simply wash your hair as normal, using one of our shampoo bars of course, take the conditioner bar and whilst your hair is under the shower (or soak your hair very thoroughly if in the bath) glide the conditioner bar over your hair making sure you cover the hair well. If still in the shower, step out of the spray and continue running the bar over your hair for a few seconds until you feel a ‘cream’ develop, then work your fingertips into your hair covering all areas. Feel free to leave the conditioner in your hair for a few minutes for a deeper condition, then rinse your hair thoroughly.

For particularly long hair, we would advise you stroke your hair with the conditioner bar, you don’t need to go mad with it, just as long as your hair is making contact with the bar, and do this for as long as you feel necessary but avoid overusing it to begin with, use your hands to make sure the hair is fully covered and rinse thoroughly.

Brush the hair after towel drying and once again as it dries.

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  1. Molly

    Always loved jojoba oil and used it for years now in my shampoos and conditioners and gave this conditioner bar a try and my oh my it works great, left my hair silky smooth and soft and didn’t leave frizz like other products have done so 5 out of 5 from me 🙂

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