Looking for something a little bigger than our shampoo bars?.   Take a look at this bad boy!, made using our soap block moulds, this solid shampoo block weighs in at approximately 600g and comes as a complete block for you to cut up yourself to the desired thickness.   Choose from our Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Avocado & Tea Tree (comes with Tea Tree only), Glycerin, Peach Kernel or Shea Butter Shampoo Block!.

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This bar works best with soft water, if you have hard water we would recommend one of our Natural Syndet Shampoo Bars instead.   More Info.

If you need a little extra weight to your shampoo bar, then look no further than TillyOak’s Large Shampoo Block, weighing in at a mighty 600g, this huge solid shampoo loaf can be yours to cut in your own way.

Each block is made precisely as we make our individual shampoo bars, with all the usual top grade ingredients, only bigger!!.   It represents great value too, with savings compared to buying individual bars.

Aloe Vera Solid Shampoo Block with Sweet Almond Oil – 600g (More Info)
Our soothing blend of Aloe VeraSustainable Vegetable Glycerin & Sweet Almond Oil can not only repair dead skin cells on your scalp, it also reduces dandruff, promotes hair growth and conditions your hair beautifully.

Argan Oil Solid Shampoo Block with Avocado Oil – 600g (More Info)
This Shampoo Bar is for anyone looking for an intensive skin and hair rehydrating experience which will also help alleviate such ailments as dandruff, flaky or tight skin and subsequently help to promote healthy skin and offers anti-ageing properties through nourishment and repairing of your skin and hair.

Avocado & Tea Tree Solid Shampoo Block with Conditioner – 600g (More Info)
(Please note this block will come with Tea Tree Oil and therefore no other fragrance choices will be available for this block).   Our Avocado & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar with Conditioner not only takes your hair and skin to the next level with the cleansing and healing properties of Tea Tree essential oils, but the Avocado Oil adds shine and volume.

Glycerin Solid Shampoo Block – 600g (More Info)
Our Glycerin Shampoo Bar has a high concentration of sustainably sourced vegetable Glycerin which acts as a humectant, to draw moisture from the air and hydrate your hair.   This bar is particularly suited to curly hair, but can be used on most types of hair where moisturising is required.

Peach Kernel Solid Shampoo Block – 600g (More Info)
Our Peach Kernel Oil Shampoo Bar with Shea Butter is specially developed to help prevent breakage, condition your hair and is suitable for all hair and skin types, and the Peach Kernel Oil is particularly nourishing for coloured hair.

Shea Butter Solid Shampoo Block with Avocado Oil – 600g (More Info)
Our renowned and unique blend of Shea Butter and Glycerin will provide the ultimate in moisturising properties, and the addition of Pure Organic Coconut Oil takes your bathing or showering experience to a whole new level and your hair and skin will thank you for such a nourishing, revitalizing and repairing experience!.

See our quick start guide for using our shampoo and conditioner bars.


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