If you want a bigger bar than our usual 90g soap bars, then this 600g soap block comes as a complete block for you to cut up yourself to the desired thickness.   Choose from our Angel of Argan Soap, Glycerin the Great or our Sheer Shea Soap Block!.

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If you need a little extra weight to your soap bar, then look no further than TillyOak’s 600g block, this huge soap block can be yours to cut in your own way.

Each block is made precisely as we make our normal soap bars, with all the usual top grade ingredients, only bigger!!.

It represents great value too, with savings compared to ordering the same weight on our individual bars!.

Angel of Argan Large Soap Block – Argan Oil Soap – 600g (More Info)
Our Argan Angel Handmade Soap is testament to how a simple, no frills combination of subtle, caring and nurturing ingredients can really prove the saying that less is most definitely more!.

Glycerin the Great Large Soap Block – Glycerin Oil Soap – 600g (More Info)
This block is a semi-transparent, sustainably sourced vegetable Glycerin based moisturising hand soap, is completely vegan friendly and free from SLS and parabens!.

Sheer Shea Large Soap Block – Shea Butter Moisturising Soap – 600g (More Info)
Our Sheer Shea Butter Moisturising Soap is simplicity in itself, yet the uncomplicated blend of Vegetable Derived Glycerin and all natural Shea Butter will soften, moisturise, nourish and care for your skin!.


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