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Our Sisal Fibre Soap Bags can be used to hold our bars and offer a great foaming and gentle exfoliating action.   They are gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin and are great if you find holding a bar too slippery or awkward.

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Our Sisal Fibre Soap Bag is the ideal compliment for using and storing your TillyOak soap bars, not only can you use this soap bag with our bars for a gentle exfoliating experience but they can also be used to simply store them, just hang the bag up in the shower or bath after use and the bars will dry out nicely.

These natural fibre bags are perfect for us eco friendly, zero waste users as it allows you to squeeze every last drop from your bar without fuss.

How to use
Simply pop your bar in the bag, pull the drawstring and go for it!.   Whilst these bags are more suited to using our soaps, there is nothing to say you can’t pop your favourite shampoo or conditioner bar in them.

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1 review for Soap Bag – All Natural Sisal Material Fibre

  1. Sophie Falkner

    Fab little bags, just enough roughness to exfoliate but not enough to be uncomfortable, love that I can hang it up in the shower too 🙂

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