A critical part of a successful shampoo bar is that it’s a PH balanced shampoo bar.

What’s The Fuss About PH Balanced Shampoo Bars?

TillyOakMany issues with shampoo bars can be attributed to the PH level of the bar itself.

Normally, the hairs natural PH level is around the 4-5 mark, however most soap based shampoo bars (also known as traditional shampoo bars) are grossly out of sync with the hairs natural PH level, around the 9-10 mark!.   This can actually result in damage to the hair over a prolonged period of use and can cause the scalp to become itchy or dry as the scalp and hair struggle to gain control of it’s natural PH levels.

TillyOak Syndet Shampoo Bars

Sea You Shampoo BarOur syndet shampoo bars are matched with the hairs PH levels, around 4-5, making them highly suitable for the hair, not only that, we use natural, plant based and sustainable ingredients in our shampoo bars, the main two for ultimate lathering and cleansing are Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate(SCI) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA).

Both are derived from coconuts and offer the mildest cleansing and highest lathering experience around in both hard and soft water.

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Not just a shampoo bar!

Our shampoo bars wash, condition, hydrate and protect the hair, much more than just a shampoo bar!.

Unlike other shampoo bars, we also add a wonderous ingredient to our bars called BTMS. This is a superior emulsifier derived from colza oil, and is used to help harden our bars but more importantly offers a subtle conditioning effect for the hair.   For those with long hair we would always recommend a separate conditioner bar for maximum detangle!.

At the same time, it offers the serious hair washer the very best in nourishment, usability and practicality, a no nonsense hair wash that does exactly what it’s meant to, first time, every time!.

Along with this, you will also find that our shampoo bars contain only natural and beneficial essential oils, no synthetic fragrances to dry out the hair, just clean and natural highly aromatic essential oils to compliment the cleansing and nurturing experience.